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Center for International Affairs


What Can We Do?

The Office of International and Cross Strait Affairs (OICSA), responsible for international affairs, including academic and student exchanges.


OICSA is organized with three sections:

  • International Affair Section:

    • Students Recruitment (Overseas Chinese and International Students).

    • Academic Exchanges  Affairs

      • Establishing collaborations with abroad sister-universities. 

      • Arranging International Delagates Visiting.

  • Cross-Strait Affair Section:

    • Students Exchange with Universities in Mainland China.

    • Professional Exchange Visits between Schools in Mainland China.

  • Foreign Students Counselling Section:

    • Assisting Foreign Students with Programs and Related Curriculum Activities.

    • The Overseas Chinese and International Students Affairs Scholarship Application.

    • Other Living Assistance for All Foreign Students.

We are eager to offer assistance and service to our students' dream in study and in gaining international experiences.